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Kudos and shout-outs for UHP Alarm Clock in the Media

“Uhp Alarm Clock Pro by BeauxApps, LLC may be the smartest alarm clock app ever created for the iOS operating system. […] If you can sleep through this alarm clock there probably isn’t anything that will wake you up on a consistent basis.”

“If you’re one of those people that just don’t seem to get out of bed no matter what you try, this app may very well be the answer you’ve been looking for.”

— Cherry Mae Torrevillas,

“What if snoozing through your alarm was a thing of the past? A brand new app has emerged from a development startup in New Orleans that was designed to make you never be late again.”

— Julia Ballard, Silicon Bayou News

“The trick was to find a way to track movement; GPS is too imprecise, so [UHP Alarm Clock] uses things like the room’s magnetic readings and the body’s tilt and speed to pinpoint location more exactly. The phone uses these complicated functions to record a specific path.”

— Renee Peck,

UHP Alarm Clock is exceedingly functional. It not only solves the […] problem of over-snoozing, but also […] showcases the power of Apple’s innovative hardware.

— App store reviewer


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UHP Never Be Late Alarm Clock App For iPhone

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