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UHP isn't waking me up in the morning -- no sounds are coming out! Can you help?


Apple is very strict about what apps can do while they are not “active.” What “active” means is that the app is actually up on the screen when the app needs to do something. In the case of UHP, the app wants to play your wake up song when your alarm goes off! Unfortunately, if UHP is not up on your screen when your alarm time comes around, the only thing Apple’s iOS lets UHP do is send you a bunch of notifications. So, UHP will send you a bunch of notifications at your alarm time — luckily, Apple allows these to make noise! They should wake you up, and then you can disarm the alarm by walking your path (or not, if you didn’t set a path) and stop the alarm. Let’s make sure your phone is letting you receive notifications from UHP and that those notifications are getting through loud and clear.
  1. First things first, are you getting any notifications from UHP? If not, it could be that you need to allow UHP to send you notifications. To make sure it’s allowed to send you notifications, go to Settings > Notifications and find UHP. Make sure that “Allow Notifications” is turned on, and that “Sounds,” “Badge App Icon,” and “Show on Lock Screen” are all green.
  2. Those notifications can be silenced by the “vibrate/ring” switch on the side of your phone, so step 2 is to make sure that your phone is NOT on vibrate when you go to sleep.
  3. Step 3 is to make sure that your phone is not in “Do Not Disturb” mode. That will also silence notifications. Do not disturb is represented by the crescent moon icon in the bar at the very top of the screen. You can turn it on and off in the notification center (accessed by swiping up from the very bottom of the screen) or in settings (sometimes Do Not Disturb can be on a schedule and could be turning on without you even knowing, so double check in Settings > Do Not Disturb that it is scheduled.)
  4. Lastly, for Step 4, make sure your phone’s ringer volume is set to high! If your ringer volume is low, you might not hear the song that UHP plays with the notifications it sends at your alarm time.

Hope this helps. Oh, and make sure the alarm you set is set to “On” of course.

How does Uhp Alarm Clock work?

Well, we can’t go into to too much detail, but basically we use the internal sensors in your phone (the accelerometer and gyroscope) & the antennas to determine your location as well as possible. When you set your path, we store that information on your phone. Then, when the alarm goes off, we track that information again to make sure that you’ve gotten UHP and out of bed!

When will the Android version come out?

We’re working on the Android version of Uhp Alarm Clock right now, and, if all goes well, it should be available very soon. Sign up for our mailing list to make sure you know when it comes out!

Uhp needs special settings to work properly. Please read.

Uhp requires special settings to work properly. Your iPhone probably asked you to give Uhp permission to a few things when you installed it, but you may have disabled them.

  • Location Services ♦ Uhp uses Location Services to track your location accurately (we also use your phone’s internal sensors, like the accelerometer) as well as deliver weather information to you. Don’t worry, we don’t collect, store or ever see the location services information. All of the Location Information is only stored on your phone. That said, Uhp works better with Location Services enabled. To enable Location Services for Uhp, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure the switch for Uhp is on. (If you don’t see Uhp, or any other apps, make sure you enable Location Services. Then you should see a list of apps that use location services. You can disable or enable Location Services on a per app basis.)
  • Wi-Fi  ♦ Uhp uses Wi-Fi signals in your area to help track your position. To enable Wi-Fi open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the Wi-Fi icon. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Wi-Fi and enable it there. Even if you’re not connected to a network in your area, having Wi-Fi on still helps improve Uhp’s accuracy.
  • Notification Center ♦ Uhp needs to have the ability to display notifications to you. If these are disabled for Uhp, there is a chance your alarms won’t fire and you won’t get out of bed! Go to Settings > Notification Center > Uhp. Enable “Banners,” “Badge App Icon,” “Sounds,” “Show in Notification Center,” and “Show on Lock Screen.”
  • Background App Refresh ♦  The iOS can disable apps from working in the background. This is bad for Alarm Clocks! Make sure Uhp is enabled in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Path Tracking isn't working for me...

Make sure you take a look at the section titled “Uhp needs special settings to work properly” above. Also, see the following:

  • When you walk with your phone, don’t swing your arm too much. We count the number of steps you take, so the phone needs to move with your body as you walk. If you hold the phone too steady or shake it too much, Uhp won’t register your steps (and you’ll see a message to “Keep Walking”). Walk calmly to your disarm location.
  • Sometimes if your home has thick walls, many floors, or lots of interference, Uhp can have trouble tracking your location. You might see a message to “Keep Walking” if this is the case. Try to set your disarm location near a window. If that doesn’t work, you can turn off “High Accuracy” in Uhp by clicking on the Settings button (3 bars in the upper right hand corner of the alarm list screen) and then flipping the switch next to “High Accuracy.” Uhp will now only use the internal sensors to track your movement.

Social Media Accountability isn't working for me...

Uhp uses the iOS integrations for Facebook and Twitter. You have to have these configured through your phone to use Social Media Accountability. Go to Settings > Facebook or Settings > Twitter to configure your account with the iOS. You may need to enable Uhp in the Facebook settings to post on your behalf. We do not collect any information about your accounts and only post the messages that you enable.

Additionally, you have to give Uhp permission to post to Facebook. Uhp should have asked you for permission when you installed it, but you may have disabled it. You can make sure Uhp is allowed to post to Facebook by going to Settings > Privacy and scrolling to Twitter/Facebook. There make sure that Uhp is enabled. Twitter should work if your phone is configured with the Twitter app.

Why does an alarm clock want access to my Facebook and Twitter accounts?

The Social Media Accountability feature of Uhp Alarm Clock is meant to be a motivator. It’s a little extra incentive to get yourself out of bed on those days when it’s really, really hard to get up. So, you can write a post or tweet that will celebrate your success or point out your failure. All of your friends and followers will know if you got out of bed!

We want to add that Uhp does not collect any information about your accounts. We just post on your behalf when you’re too sleepy to get Uhp!


We thought it was obvious, but we’ve a number of folks have asked about it! “Snooze” gives you an extra few minutes to sleep after your alarm has gone off in the morning. You can set the snooze options for each alarm. Enable snooze by flipping the switch, and enter a number into “Snooze Count.” Snooze count refers to the number of times you can delay your alarm. Then set the “Snooze Length.”

For example, if you set a “Snooze Count” of 2 and a “Snooze Length” of 8 minutes, when your alarm goes off and you hit snooze, you can sleep 8 minutes until the alarm fires again (and starts to post to Social Media, if enabled). You then have 1 more snooze period of 8 minutes left. After that, you have to get Uhp!

By the way, when you snooze the alarm, you are snoozing Social Media accountability as well.

Airplane Mode... Don't use it!

Make sure you aren’t using Airplane Mode while you’re sleeping. Instead, use “Do Not Disturb.” Airplane Mode turns off all of the antennas that Uhp uses to track your location, get weather information, and post to Facebook and Twitter!

Restore Purchases...

If you unlocked features and Uhp isn’t allowing you to use them, click on Settings in the upper right hand corner of the main screen, and click on “Restore” in the upper right hand corner. You will be asked to sign into the iTunes store account which you used to purchase the features. After that, you should be all set!

Google Analytics in the Uhp Alarm Clock App

Some of you have noticed that we have a section in our Privacy Policy about Google Analytics. You can read the Privacy Policy for Uhp Alarm Clock here. The gist of it: we do not collect any of your personal information through Uhp and Google Analytics. Seriously, we can’t tell the difference between you and a person 1,000 miles away. They’re just data points. But they’re seriously helpful data points. To wax app developer a little bit, they tell us all sorts of important information about how the app is being used, whether it’s working, and (VERY ROUGHLY) where it’s being used (like, what country…so, unless you’re on Tristan da Cunha, you’re a needle in a haystack). So, please don’t disable tracking with Google Analytics. However, if you choose to, go right ahead. We will survive. Disable Google Analytics by going to Settings > Privacy Policy and scrolling down to Google Analytics. Flip that switch and you’re gone from our data!

Are you working on any other apps?

You bet we are! We have a few in the oven, but we’re not going to talk about them just yet. Sign up for our newsletter below to get announcements and stay tuned at!

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